All about e-Visa to Kenya

The majority of foreign travelers need a visa to enter Kenya. To facilitate entry for many of them, the Kenyan authorities decided to introduce the possibility of obtaining a Kenyan visa entirely online. e-Visa to Kenya can be issued for tourism, business, or tranist purposes. Eligible applicants can get their visas in a few quick steps that allow them to forget about visiting Embassy or any other diplomatic post. Kenya e-Visa requires covering the fee of 99 Euro. If you choose the East Africa e-Visa, its cost will be 149 Euro. Please note that East Africa e-Visa enables you to visit Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda! Apply for your visa at least 3 business days in advance to receive it on time and explore the African land!

Available types of Kenya e-Visa

Kenya offers 3 different types of electronic visas depending on the traveler’s purpose in visiting this African country. Eligible travelers can choose between:
  • Tourist e-Visa: an ideal option for tourists who plan to explore the Kenyan natural beauty and top tourist attractions or visit family and friends residing in Kenya; Tourist e-Visa is issued for 90 days, and its holder can stay in Kenya for up to 3 months
  • Tranist e-Visa: a perfect choice for those who only wish to tranist through Kenya on their way to another country; Transit e-Visa is valid only for 72 hours from the planned arrival in Kenya
  • Business e-Visa: dedicated to business travelers, issued for 90 days and enabling the stay of 3 months in Kenya
All three visa types mentioned above are issued as single-entry visas, so their holders may enter Kenya only once. Additionally, those who, apart from Kenya, also wish to visit Rwanda and Uganda can apply for:
  • East Africa e-Visa: a tourist visa that remains valid for 90 days. This multiple-entry visa allows visiting all three East African countries numerous times throughout its validity period.

Kenya e-Visa Application Instruction

First of all, gather all necessary documents listed in the next section. Once you already have it all, go to the online application form and simply follow these steps:
  1. Fill out the online form: enter all required personal, travel, and passport details and make sure all the data is correct. Upload the supporting documents.
  2. Cover the service fee: use one of the online payment methods and receive the confirmation number.
  3. Go to your email inbox: check for the confirmation sent to your email address once the payment is processed successfully. Within maximally 3 business days, your approved e-Visa will be delivered in PDF format to your email too!
Should you have any problems or doubts, feel free to contact our support team! You may also use the confirmation number to check on the status of your application at any time.  

Requirements for an e-Visa Kenya

Tourist e-Visa & East Africa e-Visa
  • digital copy of bio-data passport page
  • digital face photo
  • hotel booking
  • return ticket
Business e-Visa
  • digital copy of bio-data passport page
  • digital face photo
  • company registration certificate’s copy
  • inviter or representative staff ID
  • inviter or representative’s Kenyan ID
  • inviter or representative’s passport bio-data page
  • inviter or representative’s passport immigration status page
Transit e-Visa
  • digital copy of bio-data passport page
  • digital face photo
  • hotel booking
  • return ticket
  • onward ticket
Important information: Please note that you can apply for the Tourist e-Visa instead of the business one if you travel to Kenya to participate in a business meeting, conference, etc. This way, you will need to upload fewer supporting documents.


What is an e-Visa for Kenya?

e-Visa is an electronic travel permit introduced by the Kenyan authorities to facilitate the visa application process for citizens of certain countries. Application for the Kenyan e-Visa allows for saving a lot of time. Since it requires no Embassy visits, practically, you don’t need to leave your home to submit your visa application!

Who needs an e-Visa for Kenya?

All foreign travelers visiting Kenya need to hold a valid visa. Eligible nationals can apply for the Kenyan visa online using laptops, smartphones, tablets, or PCs connected to the Internet.

What are the documents required for the Kenya e-Visa?

There are only two documents you will need to prepare for your online Kenya e-Visa application. Namely, your valid passport (it cannot expire for at least 6 months from the day you plan to travel to Kenya) and a recent photo of your face. Our visa experts will adjust the pictures so you can simply take them with a PC web camera or smartphone. Depending on the particular Kenyan e-Visa type you wish to apply for, you may also need to attach additional documents. Check the details on the required documents outlined above.

What is the processing time of the Kenya e-Visa?

The maximum time to process your Kenyan visa application may take up to 3 days (72 hours). 99% of applications submitted via our website are positively processed, while our applicants can enjoy the approval within 69 hours (on average). Don’t forget to check whether your online application form is error-free before submitting it further!

What are the different types of Kenya e-Visas?

Depending on your particular travel needs, you may apply for a tourist, business, or tranist Kenya e-Visa. Moreover, if you plan to visit more East African countries apart from Kenya, i.e., Rwanda and Uganda, you may opt for the East Africa e-Visa.

What is the cost of an e-Visa to Kenya?

When choosing the electronic tourist, business, or tranist Kenyan visas, you will need to pay the service fee of 99 Euro. In turn, the cost of the East Africa e-Visa is 149 Euro. Applicants can cover the processing fee with one of the preferred methods of online payment, e.g., credit/debit card, PayPal, and many others.